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B4060 Quartz Slab with Large Banal Pattern Wholesale B4060 Quartz Slab with Large Banal Pattern Wholesale
B4060 Quartz Slab with Large Banal Pattern Wholesale B4060 Quartz Slab with Large Banal Pattern Wholesale


B4060 Quartz Slab with Large Banal Pattern Wholesale

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Form: Slab/Tiles/Countertop
Surface Finish: Polished, Honed.
Common Tile Size: 600*600mm / 800*800mm / 1200*600 etc
Thick: 12-30mm; 12mm,15mm,20mm,30mm
  • B4060



About B4060 Quartz Slab

The B4060 Quartz Slab of YEYANG STONE is unique and exudes unrivaled luxury. It features gold threads wrapped around the stone, as if delicately supporting the precious jade, while displaying a large and majestic pattern that catches the eye. B4060 is commonly used as a quartz vanity top, kitchen countertop, dining table, coffee table, backsplash, bar top, and more. YEYANG STONE always meets the needs of architects, designers, contractors and manufacturers by providing excellent quality and service.

Product texture details


White calacatta quartz surface B4060 pictures - YEYANG STONE

Slab Picture

White calacatta quartz B4060 pictures - YEYANG STONE

Edge drawing

Quartz slab edge

Parameters detailed 

Calacatta quartz slab B4060
Color: White
Finish: Polished, Honed
Available size: Tile 300x600x15/18/20/30mm, 
Step and riser 1000/1100/1200-1700X300/320/330X20/30/40mm,etc.                   
1000/1100/1200 -1700X140/150/160X15/18/20mm,etc.
Window sill 42/66/92x20-25x20mm,
Vanity countertop 661x610mm(26"x24"),813x610mm(32"x24"),
Width for back splashes: 2'',4'',6'', according to your requirement.                                     
Thickness: 20mm(3/4''), 30mm(1 1/4''), Customized
kitchen countertop 96"x26", 108''x26''.Island size:72"x36",78"x36",83"x42",98"x39",
 Width for back splashes:2'',4'',6'', 
according to your requirement. 
Thickness: 20mm(3/4''), 30mm(1 1/4''), Customized
Packing Wood Crating, Wood Pallet, Plywood Crating and Pallet, Wooden Frame, Wooden Crating and Frame.

Quartz Product Quality control

1/ Polished degree 90 or up;
2/ Thickness tolerance: (-1, +1mm);
3/ Diagonal tolerance: (-1,+1mm)
4/ Surface flatness tolerance: (-0.3,+0.3mm)

Calacatta Quartz Factory

Quartz Factory

Yeyang Stone Quartz Factory

About Yeyang Stone

Yeyang Stone specialized in manufacturing & exporting quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops/vanity tops/island tops for residential and commercial projects at a good price, We are the leading quartz countertop exporter from China.As a manufacturer, we are competitive in cost, quality, and fast delivery. Meanwhile, as local well known professional good support from the other 20 family's factories, more than 100 cooperative factories.

How to Choose Quartz slab?

  1. Determine the purpose: Decide where you want to install quartz, whether it's for countertops, flooring, or walls.

  2. Consider the color: Choose a quartz color that complements your overall design scheme and matches your personal style.

  3. Assess durability: Look for quartz with high hardness and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat to ensure its longevity.

  4. Check for consistency: Ensure that the quartz slabs have a uniform pattern and color distribution to achieve a cohesive look.

  5. Evaluate thickness: Consider the thickness of the quartz slabs based on the intended use and the support structure required.

  6. Examine finishes: Decide on the desired finish, such as polished, honed, or textured, based on your aesthetic preferences and maintenance requirements.

  7. Evaluate warranty: Check if the quartz manufacturer offers a warranty, and understand the terms and conditions for any potential repairs or replacements.

  8. Set a budget: Determine your budget and find quartz options that fit within your price range without compromising on quality.

Through continuous innovation and development, as an integrated industrial and trading stone group, we have been providing customers with high-quality stone in the stone market.

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