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How To Choose Quartz Countertop for My Kitchen

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With so many quartz options available in the market, it can be challenging to determine the best quartz countertop for your home, especially when it comes to price. Here we've compiled this guide introducing you some factors that influence the cost of quartz countertops and five different style kitchen with quartz countertop.

5 factors that influence the price of buying quartz countertop

1. Brand: The brand of quartz countertops can significantly affect the price,because each brand has its unique features, such as color options, patterns, and finishes, which can also affect the price.

2. Thickness: Quartz countertops come in different thicknesses, 2cm and 3cm are popular choices. Thicker countertops tend to be more expensive due to the additional material required.

3. Color and pattern: The color and pattern of the quartz countertop can also affect the price. Pure color quartz is usually cheaper than those with intricate patterns and veining.

4. Edge profile: The edge profile refers to the shape of the countertop's edge, such as bullnose, eased, or beveled, and standard edge profiles are less expensive than custom ones.

5 different styles of kitchens with quartz countertop ideas.

1. Modern White Kitchen: This kitchen features soft white quartz countertop with white cabinet quartz countertop in modern kitchen. The countertop adds a touch of coolness to the space while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.

White modern kitchen quartz countertop YY-D2017

(Calacatta D2017 white quartz countertop with white cabinet for kitchen)

2. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen: In this cozy farmhouse kitchen, the quartz countertop is a beautiful contrast to the wood cabinets and white brick wall. The countertop has a natural stone look with subtle veining and complements the rustic charm of the space. 

white quartz countertop with wood cabinet in Village kitchen YY-A5075

(White quartz slab for kitchen island top A5075)

3. Coastal Chic Kitchen: This bright and airy kitchen features a white quartz island top that perfectly complements the coastal theme. The countertop has a subtle shimmer that reflects the natural light in the space and adds a touch of elegance.

white quartz island top in Coastal Chic Kitchen YY-A5076

(Marble look quartz island top in Coastal Chic Kitchen A5076)

4. Industrial Kitchen: In this industrial style kitchen, the brown quartz countertop is a bold statement piece in a deep color. The countertop has a matte finish that complements the grey floors, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

Brown quartz countertop in industrial kitchen YY-5073

(Brown quartz countertop in industrial kitchen A5073)

5. Traditional Kitchen: This classic kitchen features a white quartz countertop with white cabinet. The countertop adds warmth to the space and complements the traditional design elements, such as decorative molding and pendant lighting.

calacatta white quartz countertop in traditional kitchen YY-A5079

(Quartz countertop that looks like marble A5079)

Overall, quartz countertops are a versatile and stylish choice for any kitchen design. With their durability and low maintenance, they are a practical choice for busy households while still adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.

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